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Ars Nova Preserved Greenery undergo a process of absorption of a special preserving liquid, which replaces the original sap and preserves its appearance and softness for several years, without the need for water and maintenance.

A wide range thanks to which you will be able to realize an infinite number of compositions and arrangements, with the exclusive characteristic of being natural but resistant to the passage of time, without needing to be watered or to receive adequate lighting.

New horizons open up in the world of floral composition, allowing the plant world to enter environments and activities that were previously unknown to it.

Not needing a fertile substrate and an irrigation system, the location of the Stabilized Greens leaves room for imagination, with the only care not to be exposed to direct and continuous sunlight or to high levels of humidity. Furthermore, they can be easily stored and reused numerous times.

They are products intended for interiors, like all preserving products.

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