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Visit our company website www.arsnovastabilizzati.com for more information (italian language).

We are happy to say that Ars Nova is the leader in Italy in the supply of roses, flowers, greens and stabilized plants. We treat the Stabilized in all its forms, from the loose product to the compositions.

We are based in Andezeno, in the province of Turin, and we have customers throughout Italy and abroad.

We have been dealing with flowers and plants for more than thirty years and since the 1990s we have turned our attention to the world of stabilized.
Year after year we have refined our techniques, seeking at the same time the best suppliers of raw materials, going directly to the countries of origin (Latin America, Africa, East).

The long life of the products, not having to be wet and not needing soil, are all features that have allowed the plant world to enter environments and above all commercial activities that were previously unknown to it, like the realities of gift items, furniture, design.
Finally, we are very proud of our Laboratory, which allows us to respond to the particular needs of our customers, creating individual customized products or entire dedicated lines.
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